DIY: How to Make a Flower Crown


Hi there :) I shopped around for flower crowns for Coachella, but I didn’t find any that were full/pretty enough, so I decided to make my own. It’s so easy!!


1. Pick out some fake flowers and pluck individual petals from the flower bud (shown in the 2nd photo). Try to stick to 2-3 colors, otherwise the crown will look too busy. 

2. Stack a couple petals on top of each other and apply a small drop of hot glue onto the top petal (in the center)

3. Wait a few seconds for the hot glue to cool, then pinch the center together (shown in 2nd photo). Ta-da! You now have a pretty flower :) Add another petal or two for desired fullness

4. I didn’t end up using that brown burlap pictured above (it unravels). Cut a long strip from an old t-shirt about 3 inches thick. Make sure the strip is long enough to tie around your head like a headband. (I used a black men’s tank top bc it’s longer than the tank tops I have. Plus it matches the root of my hair)

5. Apply hot glue to the back of your pretty flower bud and place it onto your “headband” strip. I found it best to start placing your flowers in the center of the headband and work your way outwards.

6. Repeat steps 1-5. I bought little pearls to glue in the center of the flower, but I didn’t end up using those - I didn’t like how it looked. Continue placing flower buds on your headband strip until the flowers fill your headband. I stopped once the flowers reached the top of my ears. 

Voilà! Have fun and release your inner flower child :)