Wedding Dresses by Oh My Honey


Oh My Honey "Lily" and "Rosa" dress

 I tried to keep calm as my petticoat filled the skirt of my dress. My fingertips brushed the embellishments as I tiptoed through the sand, heels slinging in hand. The sea was glistening, and it felt like my dress was shining in unison—the feeling was enchanting.

 Here's me skipping about for British designer Louise O'Mahony, shot by the ever so talented Carl Mahoney. Louise was traveling through the US and I had such an amazing experience collaborating during her stay in San Francisco.

 The two wedding dresses I wore are from her 50's inspired label--aren't they gorgeous! I absolutely loved the quality of the lace and the fancy details.

 We passed by a large family of tourists and they applauded my bridal moment LOL. A mother and toddler also approached us on the beach and handed me a sparkly pink tiara, "She thinks you're a princess and wants to say hi." How adorable is that? A bride should feel like a princess, and these dresses certainly achieved that effect.

 Carl made a great blog post about the different capture media he used for this shoot, which can be found here

 Louise also designs couture wear and these dresses will seriously blow you away. You can find her couture and 50's-inspired labels here.

 I was a flower child exploring barefoot in two gorgeous dresses. What a day. Have a lovely night and thanks for reading! :)


xo, victoria