Pastel Pathways

DV8A0139 copy.jpg

Jacket: Scarlett Fever, Shirt & Waxed Leggings: Forever 21, Boots: Shiekh

How perfect is this pastel alley? Such a pretty contrast to the bold colors I'm wearing. For this look I teamed up with one of LA's finest—Adot White—and shot some incredible sights of San Francisco's iconic hills.

I styled this look starting with my camo jacket. Aren't the studded shoulders awesome? I've seen similar jackets sell for almost $200, but I bought mine for less than half the price :O) I found the seller on Instagram and she's one stylish babette. I chose a red flannel because it complements the green on my jacket and so the colors pop. Stiletto boots probably aren't the best footwear for this situation, but they complete my outfit. The things a blogger would do for a nice photo :) 

DV8A0178 copy.jpg
DV8A0191 copy.jpg
DV8A0152 copy.jpg
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DV8A0010 copy.jpg
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DV8A0078 copy.jpg

xo, victoria