Peachy Sundays

Happy Monday, beautiful friends. Linna and I spent yesterday in San Francisco and we were fortunate to witness a perfect day unravel. The City had an endless amount of charming moments to offer, one after the other. We had a little picnic at Kite Hill Park before we attempted to fly our new kites. The park's panoramic view was something special. Though, it wasn't gusty enough for kite flying, I would gladly take the warmth over wind on any day. 

Linna and I are coffee junkies, so I couldn't wait for her to try the "Snowy Plover" from Andytown, a darling little coffee shop in the Outset of San Francisco. This signature drink is composed of espresso, brown sugar, Pelligrino and their in-house whipped cream that sends you right to heaven. We were lucky to score the last couple seats at the communal table. I have an affinity for communal tables and their way of stirring up conversations with strangers. As the evening progressed, the winds picked up, so we thought we'd try our kites at Ocean Beach. 

We hit the shores just at the golden hour right before the sun went down. The lack of wind wasn't a big deal. We were more distracted by the lovely weather in the midst of January. There were dozens of surfers in the horizon catching waves and being carried in one by one as the waves broke on the shore. There is so much character all around San Francisco, from the charming homes to the rolling hills to the lovely people. On our walk to the beach, I came across this classic Dodge Dart and had to stop and admire it's creamy candy paint with turquoise interior. Talk about charm. I can't wait to have a classic beauty of my own.

That's all I've got for today. Thanks for stopping by!


xo, victoria