Chasing Rooftops

Here I am, wearing Free People's "Eclipse" top in all it's glory. Perfect for moments when you want to look casual but still really, really, ridiculously good-looking. It's actually called a "brami" like a bra-cami, but I don't think I'm ready to make up names so soon. It's as if this top and "strappy back" bralette are a match made in heaven. Invest in a sticky bra, and not the chicken cutlet kind. The ones that feel like cloth and are maybe one quarter inch thick--because unwanted bra straps steal the show in a buzz-kill manner. Whatever you do, no bra straps! Unless, they are cool strappy back bralettes or something of the like. No basic bra straps here. 

I won't lie--these jeans make me so happy. Whatever helps me achieve an effortless cool, I'm all for it. People have asked me if these are One Teaspoon, which are the holy grail of distressed denim coming in at $150 a pop. But no, my friends. These glorious jeans are $39 from CottonOn. That's right. The back seam (the butt seam, let's be real) is a little off-center, but it's less noticeable with the dark denim (I also have the true black and white versions too). I'm sure all the females know how hard it is to come by a great pair of jeans. Ladies, these are my secret weapon!

If you've been following my Instagram, you'd know that these black beauties from Vera Wang are my go-to heel boots. Is it moto-inspired? Is it Victorian? Only a genius can somehow combine two contrasting concepts. 

These photos were taken by my friend Marco and I'm deeply grateful to share a creative chemistry with someone so talented. I style my outfits and tell him my ideas for the location/concept, and he almost always delivers. It's wonderful to be able to describe a scenario in so few words and have someone understand and execute completely. #blessed for sure. 

I worked 9-5 today and met up with a couple friends for happy hour and made it home before 10pm. I feel lucky to have all the energy to do everything I can do. Here I am now, listening to Justin Bieber's album full of bangers and writing this blog post. Sometimes, I think people feel guilty for enjoying themselves and that's outrageous. Indulge in your feelings and invest in you. Look out for number one. I'm slightly buzzed writing this now and I'm really liking my candid, unrehearsed tone. What do you think? If you like this writing style, give me a "like" or comment in the section below :) Thanks for dropping in!

Photos: Marco Alexander

Top: "Eclipse Brami" - Free People

Bra: "Strappy Back Bra" - Free People

Jeans: "Boyfriend Jean" from CottonOn

Boots: "Marilyn" by Vera Wang Lavender

Necklaces: Forever 21 and Violet Luxe