Tropicana Twist

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Photographer Daniel Cohen and I were too fortunate to find a turquoise house that perfectly complements this jersey's tropical pattern, but let's not pretend there weren't any neighbors barbecuing outside and I wasn't over here posing for free hot dogs.

Thanks to Dave from Defyant Clothing for this bomb ass jersey. It's tropical pattern couldn't be any more pretty, and I like how such a pretty print is balanced by a boyish basketball jersey--this is a men's jersey after all and I'm wearing a size medium so that it's long enough to go pantless! I do advise wearing a sports bra underneath since the armholes are quite large, but that's the look. I'm rocking this bad boy with men's dress socks since I couldn't find a pair of non-thigh high socks for the life of me, and vintage Adidas Superstars. Save this jersey for a day when you're trying to floss or stunt because it's just too cool to keep to yourself. 


xo, victoria