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Ladies and gents, if you are in the market for a jacket, please let it be a bomber jacket! Bomber jackets emit a classic cool, on trend with the 90's revival and street wear looks that are so hot right now.

I'm guilty of wearing this bomber too often, but I can't help it! I've worn it with a t-shirt dress, another occasion with jeans and pictured here with a midi skirt, and it adds an instant cool to any outfit. Extra swag points for satin bombers, which channel old-school hip-hop vibes.

Mark David (@photosbydirtbag) is a talented photographer from the Bay Area, and I'm thrilled to be featured in the first episode of his film project, My Style. These photos were taken during my interview, in which I elaborate on my style influences, tips and the madness that is victorialamode! I'll be sure to post the video on Facebook once it is live!

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Jacket: Members Only

Photos taken by: Mark David (@photosbydirtbag) - P.S. - he's not actually a dirtbag

xo, victoria