Karlyanna - Schutz

Over-the-knee boots have got to be one of my favorite fall looks. Combine that with a gladiator style and I'll lose my mind.

The "Karlyanna" boots by Schutz are giving me life on this dreary day. Talk about sex appeal. Do you ever lay around in bed wearing and admiring your brand new shoes? Me, either. 

Constructed of laser-cut suede, these boots have adjustable ties in the back and are surprisingly comfortable. I've been eyeing Schutz's selection for a little bit and while they have a variety to choose from, it's their bolder styles which set them apart from the rest. I wish I could wear these everyday!

I get so excited to shoot with Dante Johnson. When your creative energy flows on the exact same frequency as someone else's, ideas relay back and forth and great things happen. It's an awesome feeling. Half of this set was shot in an abandoned prison. Kinda cool, right? I hope you guys enjoy this photo set as much as I do! Happy Monday, friends, and thanks for stopping by!

Top: Forever 21, Necklace: "Aphrodite" by Xevana, Boots: "Karlyanna" by Schutz

Photos by the ever-so-talented Dante Johnson


xo, victoria