Fancy Pants

When I spot a stylish woman in a jumpsuit, I can almost feel my pupils dilate from the spurt of fascination. My eyes lock in, and my mind quickly attempts to examine the mystique behind this bold and confident person (Where did she come from? Where is she going? How is she so cool?! Really wish I was I wearing my jumpsuit right now!).

Someone who wears a jumpsuit is daring to be different, while speaking elegance and sophistication. I do have to warn you: Most men don't like jumpsuits. But most men don't quite understand fashion. Therefore, this type of disapproving man is as good as a backseat driver. Dress for the women. They are the ones who will appreciate your stylish endeavors. 

Pro tip: Throw your hair in a low, messy bun. Sling a leather jacket over your shoulders, cape-style, to emit an air of nonchalance. Slay, girl. 

Photos by: Marco Alexander

Jumpsuit: Nastygal | Clutch: Danielle Nicole