Bond Girl

So maybe I'm wearing a bodysuit as a swimsuit, but hey, who makes the rules here? My roommate says I look like a bond girl, while the other roommate says I look like a dolphin trainer--perspective is everything, isn't it? I almost wore this bodysuit with high waisted blue jeans for a 90's-inspired look, but your girl loves a high leg cut, also reminiscent of the 90's. There was some doubt in me to do a beach shoot and wet my hair, for the fear of DTM, but I'm so glad I went against that tiny voice in my head. Something you're afraid of is a clear indication of what you should do next. So I took a chance and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Be bold, take risks, life is more exciting that way. 

Bodysuit: Roman Numeral Bodysuit from Forever 21 

Taken by: Jared Veloria

xo, victoria