Cozy knit sweater-things are slowly invading my closet, all thanks to the UK's very own MissPap. It's hard to remember what winters were like in South Bay after experiencing the cold of the North. (Okay, so maybe I've been binge watching Game of Thrones). One thing is for sure, I will never compromise my style even in freezing temperatures. 

So how about this sweater from Miss Pap? Business up top, party on the bottom. Layered with my favorite oversized denim jacket that I scored at a flea market in Oakland. I considered pairing this look with black thigh high boots, but the sweater alone is provocative enough to nix the boots. So, I opted for a softer look and went with black mules, instead. Mules are a godsend for girls who feel inadequate if not dressed in high heels. 

What's everyone doing for the holidays this year? I feel blessed to have a few fun events lined up, including the holiday party I'm planning for work, along with my Ugly Christmas Sweater Party with the roomies, and of course a warm gathering with the fam. Santa Con seems to be a thing here in San Francisco, and I think I would make a fine looking Old Saint Nick. 

Whatever it is you end up doing, I hope it is filled with love and joy. Thanks so much for dropping in!

Sweater: Miss Pap - "Hallie Black Knitted Lace Detail Jumper Dress"

Captured by: Jared Veloria

xo, victoria