Loud and Clear - My LA Diary

Have you ever had a series of situations somehow fall right into place? When you feel like you were at the right time and right place? I believe that nothing is a coincidence, and that these occurrences are signs that one is on the right path.

I received an invitation to the Vanity Fair Social Club last Tuesday, booked my travel and stay, and lined up a photo shoot--all in a day's work! I stayed with my cousin in Hollywood so it was a chance to reconnect with her, as well. As if this wasn't enough, I approached this guy at the Vanity Fair event, who happened to be one of my favorite photographers! He's also from the Bay Area and we hit it off. 

My friend in LA sees my IG and notices that I'm in town. He invites me to a Pink Dolphin x Puma party. I wasn't exactly dressed for a streetwear party but I'm always poppin' so that thought came and went. I left the party to meet up with a friend I met years ago out here, and Nikk offers to give me a ride. I met Nikk La and the next thing you know he's giving me a ride, offering tips on how to grow my blogosphere. Cruising to some hyphy beats, the bay always knows what's up! 

He drops me off and there was a line outside Round Two on Fairfax but my friend Lyes walks us straight past it. Supreme, sneakers, the usual streetwear suspects. We hop into his white, murked out jeep and head for the yacht party. Pink Dolphin x Puma's second collaboration "Wave of Glory." The founders of Pink Dolphin are a couple young kids who made it big. It's so inspiring to see a rags-to-riches story IRL. 

The music is bumping, drinks are flowing and the night is lit by the blood orange full moon. I daresay it was a perfect night. The yacht docks and I head back to my cousins. We ordered Postmates, chilled and called it a night. 

I had a photo shoot with a photographer I've been meaning to link up with for a while. He tells me he works quick and my eyes light up. I appreciate the skill behind knowing each person's angles and knowing when to click the button. We did 4 looks in one hour at record speed! My makeup was melting off but it made for a sexy dewy vibes and I'm so pleased with the results! 

Wrapped the shoot super early and so my cousin and I went to this restaurant I've been dying to try, called SUGARFISH. Delectable. Smh. Loss for words. MUST TRY IT. 

I can't believe I managed to squeeze all of this in less than 48 hours of being in LA. They say it's the successful people who have the most time. 

After this trip, I decided I'm going to travel and explore the world and shoot cool stuff. I have great taste and enough to go around! Consider me your source for fashion, food, and lifestyle. 

State your goals loud and clear. Let 'em know! You're more likely to do something if you told someone you would. I hope this inspires you to live a full life, however that may be.

Top: Forever 21 "Ribbed Knit V-Neck Bodysuit"

Skirt: Forever 21 "Corduroy Button-Front Skirt"

Photos by: Austin Lau

xo, victoria