Ring My Bell


As if I needed another reason to be extra, these bell sleeves are giving me life! Shoutout to the beautiful people at Forever 21 for keeping ya girl laced. Still in love with the all-black boho look (Coachella, anyone?). My belt is a little too big, so I tied a knot and we're a-okay! I've been in a creative funk that I've finally climbed my way out of, and it feels great to be back! I get amped on the vibes that a great photo can evoke. Collaborating with others unlocks wonders I didn't know existed. I love to create and I have so much love for those who show love! My friend/photographer Carla took me to this location--looking like Middle Eastern Europe in the middle of San Francisco! Such a stunning sight to see. 

Photos by: Carla Venini


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xo, victoria