CorePower Yoga Sculpt

Buckets of sweat, a beet red face and a smiley little Asian lady. My first experience with CorePower's Yoga Sculpt.

My fitness goals have changed throughout my adult life, but staying active was constant. Though, I wish I could say the same for my mother. She had me jumping through hoops in desperation for an exercise that would hold her interest. It wasn't until she invited me to a yoga class that sparked my love for hot yoga.

One Saturday morning, I get a text from her.

"Want to go yoga with me?"

Mommy dearest. One who winces at the struggle of a workout. Invited me. To 'go yoga.'

It was 15 before 7:00 and I might have been drunk from the night before. Haphazardly jumping at this opportunity, I brushed my teeth and stormed out the door with the same pony tail I had on last night. I rushed from San Francisco to San Jose and made the worthwhile trek to witness the triumphant moment my mom finally discovered a love for exercise.

I step into the studio and I am brashly awakened by a uncomfortably hot room. My eyes quickly divert to the clouds of steam pumping from the vents, as my dehydrated, questionably-drunken self is internally gasping for air. "Be cool," I told myself.

"You didn't tell me this was hot yoga" 

"Grab a pair of weights." She points to the dumbbells in the corner. 

Who is this woman?

Halfway through the class, and I'm sweating more than humanly possible. Where is it all coming from?! I consider calling it quits and pictured myself storming out the door, but I couldn't. My mom. This was too cute. Lying there in "savasana," the last post of the day, and I've never felt more alive. It was so brutal that it became invigorating to make it through. 

More often than not, I work out alone. But after going to CorePower, I found that I love being part of a community and having an instructor who pushes you to your limits. Try new things. Surprise yourself. You never know what's waiting for you on the other side. 

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