Off the Shoulder Dress + Wet Hair Trend

My eyes appreciate the subtleties that make a simple outfit look substantial. Can we talk about this dress? It's asymmetrical neckline, the off-the-shoulder business, and the unbuttoned buttons. Heaven knows I love a piece that can be dressed up or downplayed. Wear this dress with minimalist heels--or do the opposite--and opt for a baseball cap and sneakers for that off-duty-Hailey-Baldwin look. I love pieces that make me feel powerful, and this baby one of them!

How do you guys feel about the wet hair trend? I love it! Keep reading to see the products I used. Psych! I just poured a bottle of water over my head. And it was a hot day so I had to keep rewetting it. I even saw a mother cover her child's eyes. I've been committed to a hair routine free of heat tools and products for a couple years now to give my hair a fighting chance. But now that my bad (damaged) hair days are over, I can start styling it more often. Keep a lookout for more hairstyles! 

Thanks so much for dropping in. Till next time! xx

xo, victoria