I Hate Cardio

Let me start by saying, if you're a fan of cardio, you're probably a bit demented (slightly kidding). Cardio is one of the necessary evils of life. No one in their right mind enjoys it, but if you're like me, then cardio is essential to maintain a tone and slender figure. 

Most people relate cardio intensity to the amount of physical exertion applied. Not going to lie, I was one of those people. But as long as you hit your target heart rate, it doesn't matter which form of torture--I mean cardio--you prefer. 

Here's how to find your target heart rate: take 220 minus your age and multiply that by 60% and 70%. Your target heart rate is between that 60 and 70 percent range. Anything above 70% and you are burning through muscle, and we shan't do that. Keep at it for 20-45 minutes!

I used to run on a cross country team and I don't wish that upon anybody, so I usually avoid treadmills. I was opting for the elliptical, more oftentimes the stairmasters to build that peach, but I've recently discovered biking. Praise the Lord for such a wonderful invention!

I use the recumbent bike at the gym because you can literally sit there, read a book while pedaling your life away. With a bike, you still shed the calories with MUCH less physical impact. It's better for your knees and makes powering through your session so much easier with seemingly less work! Crank up the resistance and build those gams!

Now let's talk about this cute little gym outfit from Alo Yoga. Alo is seriously my favorite fitness brand. I love their attention to design, fit and material. Super stylish to say the least. And if you haven't heard of their moto leggings, do you even lift bro? Here I'm wearing the high-waisted moto leggings with every intention of buying 3-4 more colors. I'm a size 26 and I wear a size small, though an XS would work better.

I love the cut of this mesh top from the front and back. I like the narrow cut, showing off some shoulder in the front and the back details that accentuate the curves of your back. I'm wearing a size small. 

Fitness is a huge part of my lifestyle, and I love sharing this with you guys. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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xo, victoria