Labor Day Weekend with SOSUPERSAM, Lana del Rey and Alden Trio


Make time for your growth and mental health. Nurture your soul and the things that align with your goals. I've had a great holiday weekend, and when I'm in a good mood, it's easy to find inspiration everywhere. I went to a pool party in San Francisco to see SOSUPERSAM spin. This mystical heat wave was on its way out in the Bay Area, and it was gorgeous weather for dancing and drinks by the pool. I saw a lot of familiar faces from my life in San Jose (that feels like an old part of me). Seeing old friends is a good barometer to reflect on who we were then and now. 

Then a few friends and I had the pleasure of seeing Lana Del Rey perform, one of my absolute favorites. Throughout the show, I was hoping she would sing "Off to the Races," my favorite track off her debut album. I was waiting in anticipation and was floored to be serenaded, with "Off to the Races" as the encore. How powerful it was to see her close the show with a song that stirs my soul! Beautiful things have been falling into place, and I love to take the time to appreciate them,

We wandered around afterwards and wound up at Mr. Tipple's Recording Studio--a classical bar and discovered the Alden Trio. A pianist, cellist and violinist playing on stage for their adoring fans while I indulged in the juiciest chicken and waffles. I almost thought Lana del Rey would make an appearance because the night just felt like it was headed towards that route.

Enjoying live music is something that helps me find my center. I came home from the show with such a high energy, with ideas rushing out of me. Writing and editing until 4am. I live for moments like that. Thank you to the friends who sometimes know me better than I know myself, and buy me food I didn't think I wanted and convince me to attend shows I wasn't interested in. I can be steadfast in my decisions, so I appreciate anyone bold enough to challenge me. 

My obsession for off the shoulder tops is still going strong. This actually wasn't meant to be worn off-the-shoulder, but hey it works, doesn't it? Black and black with silver embellishments is the recipe for a rocker boho look. 


xo, victoria