Vintage Housewife

Dress and Scarf:   2bella Boutique  , Shoes:   Jessica Simpson   |  Captured by   Lux

Dress and Scarf: 2bella Boutique, Shoes: Jessica Simpson |  Captured by Lux

There's something playful about fruit-printed clothing. Pineapple prints are everywhere these days and it might have something to do with the tropical, summery and suggestive connotation (you know what I'm talking about)! It's fun, it's flirty and sweet to the senses! It definitely adds character to the whimsical cut of this dress. 

The tight bodice and flowy skirt make this dress flattering for all body types because it shrinks the waist and gives shape to the hips. I love how well it moves! It's a bit too girly for me on it's own, so I took a scarf and tied it around the crown of my head. Now the dress gives a 1950s pin-up vibe! If you're looking for a pop of color, red is the safest accent to any outfit. I finished the look with a pair of chunky wooden heels, which contributes to the retro feels. Wear this look out to brunch, a picnic or any fun daytime outings! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop a line below! Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely week, my babes!


xo, victoria

Pastel Printcess

Jacket: New Jack City | Captured by: Kwesy Mojo

Amongst your arsenal of go-to jackets, you might have a denim jacket, maybe a leather jacket, but what about a bomber jacket? It's classic, it's retro and it possesses a certain coolness reminiscent of the jocks that were too cool for everyone in high school.

I love how these jackets are stylish and also functional. Autumn is just around the corner and is the perfect season to sport your favorite bomber! The silk beauty I'm wearing here is from New Jack City SF. I have to say it's my favorite piece in my closet at the moment! The pretty pastel colors were what caught my attention, not to mention the urban/retro print which takes me back to the awesome '90s hip-hop culture. 

I'm wearing my bomber with a sports bra and running shorts, but try wearing one with a simple dress, skirt or simply with jeans. I finished the look with my Adidas Superstars--because what's fresher than a pair of clean, white sneakers? The sporty look is definitely on-trend, try it out! Especially if you like to feel comfortable in your attire.

I hope you're having a fantastic day so far! Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

xo, victoria

Cut It Out

Dress: 2bella Boutique, Sandals: Michael Kors  |  Capture by Lux

Hi, friends! Today's look is all about cutouts. I've been seeing more and more cutouts on dresses, tops, pants and even shoes and I think they keep things interesting. If you're like me, you might have different variations of the same top. There's nothing wrong with a basic top, but it's nice to change it up and wear a different cut once in a while!

Caged, strappy or cutout tops show just enough skin to catch someone's eye without showing too much. How pretty is this caged dress from 2bella Boutique? I love the details such as the tiny rings connecting the straps and the embellished hem. Isn't the caged neckline more interesting than a basic tank dress? Because the dress is flowy, it pairs well with my Michael Kors gladiator sandals. Since this look is cute and a bit edgy, you could wear it day or night. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Thanks for reading, guys! 

xo, victoria