Tokyo Killa

"Rock that all white when I’m feeling godly." I love dressing up in white. I often hear people say “I don’t want to get it dirty!” There’s so much more to life than banking on the off-chance you would get your clothes dirty. Live a little. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. :)

These photos were taken when I travelled to Tokyo for the first time. I’m happy I got to capture these shots in such an amazing city. I was there for 10 days and really immersed myself in the culture, and there’s so much culture to experience! I love their attention to detail and design, as well as their devotion for hard work, respect and great food! From their iconic city lights to their oriental alleyways, Japan was everything it is hyped up to be!

I was fortunate to work with an English-speaking photographer out there, and he was nice enough to show my friend and I around the city. Shout out to Chris for being so awesome! Can't wait to come back. Till next time, Japan!

Photos by: Chris Lloyd (IG: @ghostdances) 

Jacket: Urban Outfitters

Denim jeans: Cotton On

xo, victoria


Most of the time I go to Papaya, I do a quick scan and head for the exit. This time was different.  I left toting a few unique pieces, including this shirt dress. How cute is this baseball tee? At first I thought this dress would be cute for sleepover PJ's (because we all know PJ's aren't this cute when we sleep alone), but it's a great shirt/dress to wear when you're running errands or meeting friends for dinner. 

I paired this with my Blue Force Huaraches. I still get butterflies when I see these sneakers. They have such a cool and rugged construction. I wear these to the gym as well as on-the-go.

It's storming here in California, and I'm loving every bit of it! Don't let the gloomy weather stop you from hitting the gym. Summer is right around the corner :) I actually split my pants while bending down earlier, and it smiled when I heard them tear. This means my hours at the gym are paying off! I'm actually going to the gym as soon as I upload this post. I hope everyone is off to a productive week! Happy Monday, beautiful friends.

Shirt dress: Papaya | Shoes: Nike "Blue Force" Huarache 

Photos by: David Soloman

xo, victoria

Diamond Life

Since it's establishment in 1998, Diamond Supply Co. has always managed to stay on top of their game. Made popular by the cool skaters and streetwear heads, Diamond Supply is on its way to becoming a household name. If you haven't heard of them, surely you have seen their diamond logo-clad t-shirts. What started out as a menswear label has now birthed a women's collection consisting of laid back sweatsuits, bomber jackets and graphic tees. I'm proud to say that Diamond Women's is now one of my sponsors!

If you asked me a few years ago, never would I imagine myself working with a major brand like Diamond Supply Co. When I first discovered this brand, it was like an overnight sensation and all the cool guys were about that Diamond Life. Fast forward to years later to the launch of their women's collection, and they reached out to collaborate with me. What a surreal and humbling experience! Here is living proof that passion and perseverance will take you places you hadn't dreamed of!

I hope my story inspires you to do something today that moves you closer towards your dreams.

Joggers: Diamond Supply Co. | Top: @LoveJonesReconstuct (it's an Instagram account, the only way to purchase her items) 

Photos by: David Soloman

xo, victoria

A Game of Tones

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. -Coco Chanel. I've never been a fan of wearing browns or tans, but these neutrals have been trending heavily. Monochrome looks have been my latest obsession for both men and women. Such a clean and chic aesthetic. 

The skirt and sweater may be simple pieces, individually. Now, tuck in the sweater, give them the cold shoulder and show a little leg, and now you've got a feminine silhouette. This is one of my favorite looks I've done. 

Sweater: Free People | Skirt: Tobi | Boots: "Karlyanna" by Schutz | Purse: Chanel

Photos by Ryan Chua

xo, victoria