Public Desire

Alright, fashion bunnies, my secret is out! Curious to know my cheat sheet for effortless style? Black thigh-high boots from Public Desire.

When you're in a crunch to make it out the door, throw on some black thigh-highs, and clothing choices can pretty much rest at ease. These boots pack enough statement that they become the standout piece in any outfit. Pull them over skinny jeans (though baggy jeans work, too!) or my current favorite look: with a shift dress or anything tunic-length (think streetwear). If you've been following my blog, you would notice that I've been wearing these day in and day out since summer and into the fall. 

Ladies, when you need an extra dose of sass, this is where you find it. And fellas, if you don't know what to get your lady friend for Christmas, I can assure she would be thrilled with these.

Boots: "Janine" by Public Desire - Use code: HELLYEAH to take 30% everything, including sale

xo, victoria

Street Chic

Streetwear with a touch of class, made from eco-friendly plant material. How cool is that? The oversized crew neck sweater is a must-have staple for the colder months ahead. Wear it with ankle boots, thigh high boots or sneakers for an air of understated coolness.

Groceries Apparel has easily become one of my favorite brands. Each piece from their collection was constructed with so much thought, from the fabrication, to the weight and structure of each garment. High-quality clothing with flattering cuts are such a rarity.

Sweater: Groceries Apparel // Boots: "Karlyanna" by Schutz

Photos by: Daniel Cohen

Understated Elegance

I have a tendency to tie my outfits to a memory. There was a purpose; a reason why I wore it, when I wore it. This time, it was for a first date.

I've heard that a girl shouldn't be too stylish on a first date (gasp!), as it can be intimidating. Though, it helps when the gentleman is stylish, himself (score).

We arrived at a premiere screening in this charming little film studio. I wanted to look classy, plus sexy. Classexy? Though we don't speak often these days, I am certain this outfit is tied in his memory. 

Dress: Vince | Boots: Public Desire "Janine" | Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff "Julian"

Photos by: Ryan Chua

xo, victoria

Sidewalk Stories

Whether it’s mock necks, turtle necks, or choker necklaces, necks are getting a lot of attention these days. Thank you Tobi for sending me this cool turtleneck bodysuit! Right when I saw it, I knew they had to be paired with something simple to offset its dressiness. Boyfriend jeans to the rescue! A neutral top and boyfriend jeans have been my go-to for an effortless look. Shop the bodysuit below!

Photos by: Austin Lau

Bodysuit: courtesy of Tobi

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Boots: Vera Wang "Marilyn"

xo, victoria