Moon River Woven Shorts

One thing about my style is that I either like my clothes one step beyond "form-fitting" or oversized to the brink of ridiculousness. (You can blame the latter on the iconic Olsen twins). And today, we are going for an oversized, airy look. 

I love an good button-up shirt with a lacey undergarment. Smart and sexy, what's not to love? A rule of thumb for an oversized look is to have one form-fitting item, and in this case, it's the sashed shorts that accentuate the waist. But I love how the shorts have a relaxed fit, as well. Lately I've been obsessed with girly details, such as frills or big bows. Who am I these days?

In case you're wondering, I'm still in a phase where I have the urge to throw on thigh high boots with everything. What can I say? I'm a leg woman. 

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xo, victoria