Off The Grid

Welcome to Sweater Weather 101. One thing about me is that I like my clothes really tight, or oversized to the brink of ridiculousness. If we must be covered in layers, let them drape along your silhouette, instead of rounding out like a puffin. (I'm looking at you, North Face friends). This off-the-shoulder knit sweater dress is a unique little gem. It's not often you find all the aforementioned facets in one sweater slash dress. A knit sweater should hug and drape in the right places, and this one surely fits the bill, and the love was instantaneous. 

I'm carrying summer's off-the-shoulder trend into the fall. The cozy knit adds to the already playful, classy and sultry trend. I see a pattern with Miss Pap's pieces and I am a big fan. 

It was a rainy Sunday morning on the day of this shoot, raining like cats and dogs. I was forced to cancel my shoot, and my photographer friend and I carried on with our lives. I was bogged down from the flu, but deadlines don't stop for anyone. Hours passed and the rain finally subsided before the sun came out to greet us. I frantically reached out to a few photographer friends, hoping we could catch this tiny bit of sunlight before it sets. 

Lucky for me, Daniel Cohen was heading downtown and we were finally able to cross paths! We caught up with each other, sharing accomplishments big and small. He just had a groundbreaking gig in New York and I just came back from a cool event in Los Angeles. Seeing growth and success for a friend is such an inspiring feeling. 

Although I had forces working against me, I powered through and it worked out for the best. I love how ethereal these shots turned out. I've said it once and I'll say it again: Push yourself, only good things will come from it. 

Sweater: Miss Pap "Syden Grey Bardot Knit Jumper Dress" // Pants: Naked Wardrobe's Wideleg Pants

Photos by: Daniel Cohen


xo, victoria

Understated Elegance

I have a tendency to tie my outfits to a memory. There was a purpose; a reason why I wore it, when I wore it. This time, it was for a first date.

I've heard that a girl shouldn't be too stylish on a first date (gasp!), as it can be intimidating. Though, it helps when the gentleman is stylish, himself (score).

We arrived at a premiere screening in this charming little film studio. I wanted to look classy, plus sexy. Classexy? Though we don't speak often these days, I am certain this outfit is tied in his memory. 

Dress: Vince | Boots: Public Desire "Janine" | Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff "Julian"

Photos by: Ryan Chua

xo, victoria

Fancy Pants

When I spot a stylish woman in a jumpsuit, I can almost feel my pupils dilate from the spurt of fascination. My eyes lock in, and my mind quickly attempts to examine the mystique behind this bold and confident person (Where did she come from? Where is she going? How is she so cool?! Really wish I was I wearing my jumpsuit right now!).

Someone who wears a jumpsuit is daring to be different, while speaking elegance and sophistication. I do have to warn you: Most men don't like jumpsuits. But most men don't quite understand fashion. Therefore, this type of disapproving man is as good as a backseat driver. Dress for the women. They are the ones who will appreciate your stylish endeavors. 

Pro tip: Throw your hair in a low, messy bun. Sling a leather jacket over your shoulders, cape-style, to emit an air of nonchalance. Slay, girl. 

Photos by: Marco Alexander

Jumpsuit: Nastygal | Clutch: Danielle Nicole

A Classic Look: Black and White


Coat: Fleurette, Pants & crop top: Forever 21, Shoes: BCBG, Purse: Givenchy | Photos by Thai Nguyen

Cold and gloomy weather can make this girl feel downright dreary, but winter days are slightly brighter in this stunning overcoat. Double-breasted lapels, padded shoulders and 100% cashmere—isn’t she just darling! With such an elegant structure, she can be worn over a night out with the girls, or over a pair of Levi’s and a white boyfriend tee while running errands during the day. For my outfit, I went with the classic black and white, with a pop of color on my handbag. Words can’t describe how much I adore this handbag. My philosophy: If I’m going to splurge on a purse, it should be anything but boring! Its shape is so modern yet classic. I love the playful color-blocking going on. Cream and orange pair beautifully, with contrasting black accents to make a statement. Looks so chic with super pointy white pumps! Enjoy your weekend, and thanks so much for reading!