Wild West

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Howdy, partner. I wore this outfit to brunch with my grandparents and my grandma was quite pleased with my western, mountain woman look. She asked me to dress like this everyday lol, so this one is for you, grams.

The dress is a lovely lace which stands beautifully on it's own, but I added the hat for some edge. I still felt pretty girly so I added the bandana and boots. I tried something different and layered necklaces over my bandana and I think it's quite cutesy. Would you wear this look? Let me know in the comments section below!

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Hat: Scala, Boots: Superdry

Photos by Adot White

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xo, victoria

Advanced Warfare


Jacket: Scarlett Fever, Scarf: Free People, Boots: Superdry, Stockings: Urban Outfitters Purse: Rebecca Minkoff // Photos taken by: Dijon Bowden

This Indian summer is coming to a close in northern California. I can't believe we're finally experiencing darker, cooler nights. A stylish way to stay warm this season is the high thigh trend--we're talking OTK (over-the-knee) stockings and OTK boots. Stuart Weitzman makes the most amazing OTK boots, but until I can justify buying a pair, I'll make do with my black stockings and clunky combat boots from Superdry. 

I threw on some denim shorts and a basic white tunic to downplay the sultry OTK look. I picked a mid-length jacket to complement the length of my tunic. This camo jacket is still one of my favorite pieces in the closet. I love it's length, shape and the edgy studded shoulders custom designed by Scarlett Fever, a sweetheart whose online boutique I found via Instagram. She has amazing taste if you want to take a look at her store here. I finished the look with this awesome fringed infinity scarf from Free People. I love how well red and green go together, but remember to consider mixing prints so that you don't look like a bright Christmas tree! My Rebecca Minkoff purse has been collecting dust in my closet for years now. Carrying her around again feels warm and familiar like rekindling an old flame. It's funny how great pieces evoke emotions similar to romantic love--that can't be just me, right?

Writer and photographer Dijon Bowden met for the first time when we walked and talked as we scouted locations to shoot. We strolled along the streets of San Francisco and I love how he captured me in these photos as we discussed a colorful range of topics including photography, the human body and what inspires our creativity. All of these photos are unedited, and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out! Happiness can be your best accessory. #nofilter 

I hope this post inspires you to try something new, or spark a conversation with a stranger--you never know what's out there until you explore. Thanks for reading, friends! Have a wonderful week! 

xo, victoria

Lookbook: 2bella Boutique

I had so much fun styling these looks, all from 2bella Boutique! They have such a great selection, I could spend hours there :) Shop online or in-store!

Video shot by the very talented Alexander Millimeter

City Chic

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Blazer: BCBG, Top: Hanes, Shorts: Brandy Melville, Hat: Cheap Monday, Necklace: Xevana

   In the past couple of weeks, I gained a newfound love for the city of San Francisco. Sometimes where there's familiarity, you forget to stop and smell the roses. The sun's going down and the fog is lit by the city lights. It's a mellow evening for photographer Adot White to capture this city chick in my laid back look.

   One thing I love to do is to juxtapose casual and formal elements. I'm wearing a plain grey T-shirt with denim shorts and a leather baseball cap--all casual pieces, and dressed them up with a blazer and this incredible statement necklace for the perfect balance of cool and casual. 

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xo, victoria