Oh My Love Velvet Cutout Mock Neck Jumpsuit

While on the hunt for a standout NYE outfit, I came across this orange jumpsuit and it was calling my name. A glorious combination of all my favorite things. A choker clasp, a keyhole neckline, and wide leg pants together coexisiting as a symbol of perfection. Instant gratification, done and done. It reminded me of my love for textures, especially the fancy feel of velvet, and velvet is so hot right now. 

When it came down to picking the right shoes, the cropped wide-leg pants caused a bit of bewilderment. I went with tall black boots for a 70's feel, that being a tight silhouette to juxtapose the wide pant leg. I added a bodychain for the love of subtleties. 

If I know anything about makeup, it's that deep purples and oranges go together like peanut butter and jelly. The orange jumpsuit was begging for a bold lip to compete with its reverie. Naturally, I went with the sold-out "Blood 2" by Pat McGrath, the lip color that graced the lips of DKNY models last summer for Fashion Week. I was lucky to get my hands on one of the last pieces, packaged in her signature foil bag stuffed with handfuls of sequins. 

Captured by Leon Tong

Jumpsuit: "Oh My Love Velvet Cutout Mock Neck Jumpsuit" from Urban Outfitters

Skirts and Sneakers

Skirt:  Boutique Dandelion , Shoes:  Adidas  "Superstar" || Photos by:  Kwesy Mojo

Skirt: Boutique Dandelion, Shoes: Adidas "Superstar" || Photos by: Kwesy Mojo

Gone are the days where I wore flats with everything. One of my favorite looks has to be "cool and casual," with emphasis on "cool," LOL. I love the juxtaposition of wearing skirts with sneakers. There's something charming about an outfit that says "I didn't have to try," yet we all know it wasn't so effortless.

I started this look with my a-line skirt from Boutique Dandelion. I'm all about maxi skirts + slits so this hemline instantly caught my eye! I picked a simple crop top to avoid looking so girly--there's nothing wrong with that, it's just not for me. I threw on my white Adidas Superstars for a sporty touch.  It's on trend and much more comfortable compared to unsupportive flats and their no-socks restriction. 

I hope you're all having a fine Monday, let's make this week better than the last! As always, thanks for checking in :)

xo, v.

Cut It Out

Dress: 2bella Boutique, Sandals: Michael Kors  |  Capture by Lux

Hi, friends! Today's look is all about cutouts. I've been seeing more and more cutouts on dresses, tops, pants and even shoes and I think they keep things interesting. If you're like me, you might have different variations of the same top. There's nothing wrong with a basic top, but it's nice to change it up and wear a different cut once in a while!

Caged, strappy or cutout tops show just enough skin to catch someone's eye without showing too much. How pretty is this caged dress from 2bella Boutique? I love the details such as the tiny rings connecting the straps and the embellished hem. Isn't the caged neckline more interesting than a basic tank dress? Because the dress is flowy, it pairs well with my Michael Kors gladiator sandals. Since this look is cute and a bit edgy, you could wear it day or night. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Thanks for reading, guys! 

xo, victoria

Saltwater Gypsy

Top: Forever 21, Skirt: BCBG, Necklaces: Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom  |  Captured by LUX

If fashion is art, then wearing all white is minimalism at its finest. Such a chic and simple color that is perfect for either blending in or standing out. I layered on the Native American-inspired necklaces and stacked a bunch of chunky bracelets. The large beaded bracelet I’m wearing was actually a necklace from a Cinco de Mayo celebration at a Mexican restaurant, fun times! I’m not Mexican in the least bit, but I’m all for celebrations. I grew up in the suburbs but my disposition lies in the nomadic ways of a gypsy. Wearing all this jewelry and splashing in the tides under the blazing sun channels a spirit within me that is wild and free. 

I’ve been told I could save a lot of time if I took more selfies and mirror pictures of my outfit-of-the-day, but that’s not nearly as fulfilling as exploring the unseen while showcasing my style and self-expression. [But hey, I do love me a good selfie!] It’s quite an adventure every time I shoot with Lux. We trampled off trail, climbed over massive boulders and waded through waist deep tides to discover this magnificent paradise. I love what I do, and it gives me great joy to share this with whomever digs my vibes. Thanks a ton for stopping by, my loves. I hope your day is as marvelous as you! 

xo, victoria