Muir Woods

Explore to get lost. In case you tried reaching me, I'm busy hugging trees out here lol.

Feeling a little feminine in my hippie pants and retro cut body suit, the back is simply stunning!

Bodysuit: American Apparel, Pants: Foreign Exchange

Photography by the great Adot White shark

xo, victoria

Pool Party

Jersey: Flea Market, Shorts: Foreign Exchange, Necklace: Xevana, Shoes: Steve Madden  |  Photos by Lux

Hi, everyone! I don't know about you guys, but it's really tough for me to find a nice pair of denim cutoffs. I like these for their flattering cut and how it accentuates your legs. My friend had a long gold chain lying around so we got a little crafty and draped the chain onto these shorts of mine. Kind of neat, right?

I found this Michael Jordan jersey from a local flea market for a steal. My gut instinct told me to crop it, but I think I'll hold off for a while. How cool does it look with my Xevana necklace, though?

Lux and I thought this empty pool would be perfect for this street chic look. He blasted some music and I drowned out to the sound waves. I hope everyone is having a productive week so far. Thanks a bunch for reading, guys!

xo, victoria

Borrowed From The Boys

Jeans: Diesel (also worn here), Boxer Briefs: Versace-inspired from some Asian store, Hat: Cheap Monday (also worn here), Watch: Michael Kors, Shoes: BCBG |  Photos by David Soloman

It's warming up in San Francisco and God knows I love a crop top! For this look, I'm borrowing from the boys and rocking boyfriend jeans, "Versace" boxer briefs and a menswear-inspired watch. It's ironic how boyfriends hate boyfriend jeans. I find it a little sexist. Not everything a woman wears must be form-fitting! These jeans make me feel like a baddie and that's why I love them! I threw on a leather hat, adding another sporty element to this look and finished with white pumps for a chic little twist. It's a casual outfit, but sexy enough for a night out if you're brave enough to nix the standard clubwear dress. Certain clothes can make you feel different ways, may it be girly, professional or badass. Give this look a shot and see how it makes you feel!

For this shoot, I linked up with David Soloman, an amazing Nigerian photographer who was here on a business trip. One fun thing about fashion blogging is that every day is different and you never know who you're going to meet. For me, it's always enriching to get a glimpse of life through someone else's perspective. Beauty is all around us but happiness comes from within. In the words of Joan Crawford, "I have always known what I wanted and that was beauty... in every form." I'll leave you guys with that. Thanks for reading, guys, and Happy Monday! 

xo, victoria

How To Rock a Bohemian Look

Coat: Wilson's Leather, Pants: Forever 21, Turban Hat: Asos, Necklace: Xevana, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell  |  Photos by Carl Mahoney 

What I love about bohemian looks is how they embody the perfect blend of casual, cool and comfortable. Long maxi lengths provide a relaxed fit and is a key element of the laid-back boho style. Meanwhile, mix-and-matching earthy prints gives off an effortless vibe and keeps things funky and interesting. If this isn't your style, but you want to dabble with a bohemian look, start with balancing hippie pants or a maxi skirt with a crop top. Naysayers beware, you might get addicted to this comfy fit. 

One way to mix-and-match is to stick to similar or complementary colors. Here, I'm mixing prints and textures and it works because I'm sticking to earthy tones. 

How awesome is this funky suede coat? Carl's lady friend, Megan, was kind enough to let me borrow it. Statement pieces like this one are cool enough to instantly enhance a simple outfit. I'm in love with my turban beanie from Asos. I'm all about textures so I was drawn it's thick knit and it's large knot in front. Layering necklaces is also part of the boho look. This gorgeous necklace that I'm wearing by Xevana is composed of 5 smaller necklaces that can be worn all together or individually. They call it a "stacklace" and it's a pretty amazing concept in my book. These stacklaces are a little pricey, but their wearability and versatility pretty much offsets the price tag. 

I just came back from yet another vacation in Los Angeles and I have to say a getaway is a great way to gain a better outlook on life. It's a great day to be alive and I hope you guys feel the same. Thanks for reading, friends, and I wish you guys a Happy Monday!

xo, victoria