Moon River Woven Shorts

One thing about my style is that I either like my clothes one step beyond "form-fitting" or oversized to the brink of ridiculousness. (You can blame the latter on the iconic Olsen twins). And today, we are going for an oversized, airy look. 

I love an good button-up shirt with a lacey undergarment. Smart and sexy, what's not to love? A rule of thumb for an oversized look is to have one form-fitting item, and in this case, it's the sashed shorts that accentuate the waist. But I love how the shorts have a relaxed fit, as well. Lately I've been obsessed with girly details, such as frills or big bows. Who am I these days?

In case you're wondering, I'm still in a phase where I have the urge to throw on thigh high boots with everything. What can I say? I'm a leg woman. 

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xo, victoria

Caramel-Coated Class

Here lies a game of tones. The monochrome trend is alive and well, so let's play with neutrals, shall we? While styling a look for Forever 21, I unearthed this caramel coat from the depths of my walk-in closet, because Lord knows I've been underdressed throughout this slightly unforgiving San Francisco winter. Not only is this a game of tones, but also a game of lengths. A long coat speaks class, and to complement it, I added a high-low skirt, then thigh high boots to fill the negative space. Since the skirt is high-waisted, I paired it with a crop sweater from Forever 21. See what I did there? I'm pretty clothed, but by playing with lengths, the entire ensemble is captivating, in my humble opinion. 

I had so much fun during this shoot! A photographer I met a few months ago in LA happened to be in town, and so we explored my neck of the woods. I love how supportive and open people are in this industry and how linking up with a stranger and shooting with aligned visions is NBD. 

Coat: Free People

Sweater: Forever 21

Skirt: Finders Keepers via Boutique Dandelion

Boots: Schutz - "Karlyanna"

Photos by: Rudy Widjaja

xo, victoria

Street Chic

Streetwear with a touch of class, made from eco-friendly plant material. How cool is that? The oversized crew neck sweater is a must-have staple for the colder months ahead. Wear it with ankle boots, thigh high boots or sneakers for an air of understated coolness.

Groceries Apparel has easily become one of my favorite brands. Each piece from their collection was constructed with so much thought, from the fabrication, to the weight and structure of each garment. High-quality clothing with flattering cuts are such a rarity.

Sweater: Groceries Apparel // Boots: "Karlyanna" by Schutz

Photos by: Daniel Cohen

Karlyanna - Schutz

Over-the-knee boots have got to be one of my favorite fall looks. Combine that with a gladiator style and I'll lose my mind.

The "Karlyanna" boots by Schutz are giving me life on this dreary day. Talk about sex appeal. Do you ever lay around in bed wearing and admiring your brand new shoes? Me, either. 

Constructed of laser-cut suede, these boots have adjustable ties in the back and are surprisingly comfortable. I've been eyeing Schutz's selection for a little bit and while they have a variety to choose from, it's their bolder styles which set them apart from the rest. I wish I could wear these everyday!

I get so excited to shoot with Dante Johnson. When your creative energy flows on the exact same frequency as someone else's, ideas relay back and forth and great things happen. It's an awesome feeling. Half of this set was shot in an abandoned prison. Kinda cool, right? I hope you guys enjoy this photo set as much as I do! Happy Monday, friends, and thanks for stopping by!

Top: Forever 21, Necklace: "Aphrodite" by Xevana, Boots: "Karlyanna" by Schutz

Photos by the ever-so-talented Dante Johnson


xo, victoria