Chunky Knits

Choker sweaters--it's a thing. A simple way to dress warmly without compromising the ways of a fashionista (insert twinkling star emoji here). I never gave sweaters the time of day until moving to the city, and I'm liking the playful selection over at MissPap. Try wearing one with your lovely locks tousled in a top bun, or layered with a heavy coat. And if you're feeling fly, wear your coat as a cape. Side note: I totally exfoliated my chest for this shoot, because good skin matters. 

Sweater: Miss Pap "Baylee Grey Sparkle Choker Neck Jumper"

Captured by: Jared Veloria

Drugstore Cowboy

And the award for "came out of nowhere" goes to the bodysuit! If you don't have a bodysuit, then you're a freaking loser! I'm just joking. But in all seriousness, bodysuits have been slowly but surely invading my closet slash life. They pair so well with mid/high waisted jeans or skirts, even denim shorts for a casual laid back look on a warm day! Steer clear of wearing them with low waisted bottoms in fear of an accentuated pooch. 

I felt a little barren and to be honest, a little basic with just a halter bodysuit and maxi skirt, so I added the Indiana Jones fedora for some much needed pizazz! Now I feel like the Cowboy who busts through the swinging doors of a saloon and I'm about to whoop somebody's ass! Who's with me? (Yeah, clothes take me places for sure).

Photos by: Austin Lau

Bodysuit: Forever 21