Denim Thigh-High Boots

One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you. Place all your bets on a thigh high/tunic combo to lift your spirits when you're feeling drab. If you don't think you can pull off this look, then you probably can't, sister--because attitude is everything! 

Denim thigh high boots have been popping up all over Instagram. As if I needed an excuse to have more denim in my life. My calves are on the skinny side, but these boots fit like a glove. If you have medium-large calves, I doubt these would work out. But like I said, I have unusually small calves and wear a shoe size 6--hope this helps!

I live in this oversized crew neck sweater from Groceries Apparel, and it even has side pockets! Bomber jacket is actually a menswear jacket from Urban Outfitters in a size small. Last but not least, I'm finally seeing into the future with these gold-trimmed aviators from Glasses USA.

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Oh My Love Velvet Cutout Mock Neck Jumpsuit

While on the hunt for a standout NYE outfit, I came across this orange jumpsuit and it was calling my name. A glorious combination of all my favorite things. A choker clasp, a keyhole neckline, and wide leg pants together coexisiting as a symbol of perfection. Instant gratification, done and done. It reminded me of my love for textures, especially the fancy feel of velvet, and velvet is so hot right now. 

When it came down to picking the right shoes, the cropped wide-leg pants caused a bit of bewilderment. I went with tall black boots for a 70's feel, that being a tight silhouette to juxtapose the wide pant leg. I added a bodychain for the love of subtleties. 

If I know anything about makeup, it's that deep purples and oranges go together like peanut butter and jelly. The orange jumpsuit was begging for a bold lip to compete with its reverie. Naturally, I went with the sold-out "Blood 2" by Pat McGrath, the lip color that graced the lips of DKNY models last summer for Fashion Week. I was lucky to get my hands on one of the last pieces, packaged in her signature foil bag stuffed with handfuls of sequins. 

Captured by Leon Tong

Jumpsuit: "Oh My Love Velvet Cutout Mock Neck Jumpsuit" from Urban Outfitters

Drugstore Cowboy

And the award for "came out of nowhere" goes to the bodysuit! If you don't have a bodysuit, then you're a freaking loser! I'm just joking. But in all seriousness, bodysuits have been slowly but surely invading my closet slash life. They pair so well with mid/high waisted jeans or skirts, even denim shorts for a casual laid back look on a warm day! Steer clear of wearing them with low waisted bottoms in fear of an accentuated pooch. 

I felt a little barren and to be honest, a little basic with just a halter bodysuit and maxi skirt, so I added the Indiana Jones fedora for some much needed pizazz! Now I feel like the Cowboy who busts through the swinging doors of a saloon and I'm about to whoop somebody's ass! Who's with me? (Yeah, clothes take me places for sure).

Photos by: Austin Lau

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Four Eyes

Say hello to my new spectacles! I've been wearing contact lenses for years, and without having eyeglasses, the trip from my bedroom to the bathroom can be a scary one! I definitely wear my contact lenses longer than recommended, so it's refreshing to be able to give my eyes a break! 

Most of the times when I shop for something new, I already know exactly what I want--and in regards to eyeglasses, I'm currently drawn to gold aviators and clear plastic frames. (It's safe to say that thick black plastic frames have become basic and obsolete. At least opt for tortoise shell). Anyway, I've been searching for gold aviator glasses for MONTHS and finally found a pair that weren't too big or small, and most importantly complements my face shape! Thank you, Glasses USA!

Glasses USA allows you to virtually try on any pair of glasses or sunglasses, and I'm impressed with its accuracy. Just upload a photo of yourself and shop till you drop! My glasses arrived within a week and I couldn't be happier. 

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