Witching Hour

     Brb. Currently making voodoo dolls and mixing love potions in this witching look I styled for Forever 21. Can you say "Coachella?" I love the leeway of a monochromatic look, like the ability to pile on different textures and accessories--while looking muted overall. Here, I'm complementing a dainty lace robe with raw denim cut-offs, an embellished rocker belt and moto-slash-Victorian style boots by Vera Wang. You know, blending a few different looks to result in a fun and flirty ensemble. This robe would definitely look sexy with some skivvies, except for me--I live with 3 dudes, so there goes that idea. 

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xo, victoria

Spotted at Coachella

Hi, my loves! For those who have been waiting for this post, my apologies that it took so long. I finally got around to editing these pics and here it is!

Coachella has become one of the biggest fashion showdowns of the year! Here are some swaggy individuals that caught my eye:

Spotted at Coachella - Barbara @missbmarques 

From her black mesh ensemble to her accessories. The purse, dainty necklaces and flash tattoos, this chick has got the details down to a tee!

Spotted at Coachella - LA blogger babe Naz - @thelanative

I first noticed her gypsy coin top - what a unique and gorgeous way to wear it! Since she's wearing all black, Naz plays it up with fun textures such as her lace shorts and embossed leather belt. Love the backpack, booties and bindi too. This look blew me away!

Spotted at Coachella - Model Bryana Holly @bhollyb

Love the details of her lace peasant top - off the shoulder tops are perfect for Coachella! Perfectly paired with layered necklaces and fun cat-eye sunnies. Babe alert!

Spotted at Coachella - Tiffany - @lilprincesstiff

Maxi skirts and mock neck tanks are one of my favorite combinations, a great way to stay cool in the desert! Extra points for the pretty lavender ombre!

Spotted at Coachella - Adriana - @adriiigaal

Sunnies should always be a statement piece. Love her rouge lips with matching bindi and earrings!

Spotted at Coachella - Brenda - @brendanguyen_xo

Her romper's color scheme is everything! Love a good tropical print. Not to mention the unicorn hair, and you gotta love a girl with a strong nail game.

Spotted at Coachella - Lily - @itslilychin and Adriana - @adrianasuyck

These tan beauties looking gorgeous in white and mirrored sunnies. Love Lily's shaggy vest and the placement of Ariana's flash tattoos.

Spotted at Coachella - Jenny - @jennyfletcher

Her top embodies a few of my favorite things: White, check. Sheer, check. Off the shoulder, check check check! I'm all about textures and her top is simply beautiful. Perfectly paired with awesome printed shorts.

Spotted at Coachella - Paola - @paola_red

Coming all the way from Italy, Paola's looking chic af. Loving the contrast between her lovely white lace dress and black set underneath. I wore a similar outfit lol, great minds think alike!

Spotted at Coachella - Trent - @trentrechan

Not too many guys can pull off a dashiki and this one is dope!

Spotted at Coachella - Child of Wild founder Eileen - @child_of_wild

Had a fan girl moment meeting this bold beauty! Check out her jewelry line and custom designed cow skulls here. Oh and Hot Couple Award goes to them!


Spotted at Coachella - Veronica - @veronica_tracy

Cali babe looking smokin' hot in this chain top from @littersf. Check out their stuff here.

You know I had to include my outfits, too! Here's my look from Day One:

Top: Tobi, get it here: http://tobi.to/e0aq, Skirt: Urban Outfitters

Sunnies: Free People

Day Two: 
Dress: Free People, Sandals: Michael Kors

Day Three:

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Superdry

I actually took more pictures of you swaggy Coachella goers but unfortunately those pictures were accidentally deleted :( In any case, it was such a pleasure seeing all the awesome outfits and meeting all you stylish people!  Have a great weekend, everyone, and thanks a bunch for stopping by!

xo, victoria

Muir Woods

Explore to get lost. In case you tried reaching me, I'm busy hugging trees out here lol.

Feeling a little feminine in my hippie pants and retro cut body suit, the back is simply stunning!

Bodysuit: American Apparel, Pants: Foreign Exchange

Photography by the great Adot White shark

xo, victoria