Off the Shoulder Dress + Wet Hair Trend

My eyes appreciate the subtleties that make a simple outfit look substantial. Can we talk about this dress? It's asymmetrical neckline, the off-the-shoulder business, and the unbuttoned buttons. Heaven knows I love a piece that can be dressed up or downplayed. Wear this dress with minimalist heels--or do the opposite--and opt for a baseball cap and sneakers for that off-duty-Hailey-Baldwin look. I love pieces that make me feel powerful, and this baby one of them!

How do you guys feel about the wet hair trend? I love it! Keep reading to see the products I used. Psych! I just poured a bottle of water over my head. And it was a hot day so I had to keep rewetting it. I even saw a mother cover her child's eyes. I've been committed to a hair routine free of heat tools and products for a couple years now to give my hair a fighting chance. But now that my bad (damaged) hair days are over, I can start styling it more often. Keep a lookout for more hairstyles! 

Thanks so much for dropping in. Till next time! xx

xo, victoria


Red Velvet

Feeling like Jessica Rabbit IRL thanks to this dress from Boutique Dandelion. If there's one physical feature I like to show off, it's my gams (leg day every day) and I naturally gravitate towards things with high slits. Such a classic, sexy cut enhanced by the sultry, crushed red velvet. Give me half a reason to wear this faux fur coat and I'm there. Loving my new clear heels and how they elongate le gams. This outfit is currently on standby for when I finally hit the lottery and score $10 tickets to see Hamilton at the Orpheum Theatre. (To the big dogs at the Orpheum, if you're reading this, pick me, pick me!)

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xo, victoria

Denim Thigh-High Boots

One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you. Place all your bets on a thigh high/tunic combo to lift your spirits when you're feeling drab. If you don't think you can pull off this look, then you probably can't, sister--because attitude is everything! 

Denim thigh high boots have been popping up all over Instagram. As if I needed an excuse to have more denim in my life. My calves are on the skinny side, but these boots fit like a glove. If you have medium-large calves, I doubt these would work out. But like I said, I have unusually small calves and wear a shoe size 6--hope this helps!

I live in this oversized crew neck sweater from Groceries Apparel, and it even has side pockets! Bomber jacket is actually a menswear jacket from Urban Outfitters in a size small. Last but not least, I'm finally seeing into the future with these gold-trimmed aviators from Glasses USA.

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Witching Hour

     Brb. Currently making voodoo dolls and mixing love potions in this witching look I styled for Forever 21. Can you say "Coachella?" I love the leeway of a monochromatic look, like the ability to pile on different textures and accessories--while looking muted overall. Here, I'm complementing a dainty lace robe with raw denim cut-offs, an embellished rocker belt and moto-slash-Victorian style boots by Vera Wang. You know, blending a few different looks to result in a fun and flirty ensemble. This robe would definitely look sexy with some skivvies, except for me--I live with 3 dudes, so there goes that idea. 

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xo, victoria