Oh My Love Velvet Cutout Mock Neck Jumpsuit

While on the hunt for a standout NYE outfit, I came across this orange jumpsuit and it was calling my name. A glorious combination of all my favorite things. A choker clasp, a keyhole neckline, and wide leg pants together coexisiting as a symbol of perfection. Instant gratification, done and done. It reminded me of my love for textures, especially the fancy feel of velvet, and velvet is so hot right now. 

When it came down to picking the right shoes, the cropped wide-leg pants caused a bit of bewilderment. I went with tall black boots for a 70's feel, that being a tight silhouette to juxtapose the wide pant leg. I added a bodychain for the love of subtleties. 

If I know anything about makeup, it's that deep purples and oranges go together like peanut butter and jelly. The orange jumpsuit was begging for a bold lip to compete with its reverie. Naturally, I went with the sold-out "Blood 2" by Pat McGrath, the lip color that graced the lips of DKNY models last summer for Fashion Week. I was lucky to get my hands on one of the last pieces, packaged in her signature foil bag stuffed with handfuls of sequins. 

Captured by Leon Tong

Jumpsuit: "Oh My Love Velvet Cutout Mock Neck Jumpsuit" from Urban Outfitters

Block Party

Fell in love with these boots, and I'm not sure how it hit me. They had a foreign look about them. An oddly-shaped block heel, and leather tight enough to show the silhouette of your feet. Do I want this? Do I want weirdly tight, geometric block boots? I do. I couldn't explain it, but I do. Strange as they are. No clue how to style these, but love always finds a way! 

Apparently I don't own any skinny jeans (they're all boyfriend's or belles), so I had to nix that styling option. Surely these babies can't hide underneath all that fabric. So my next option was a skirt. Done.

These boots are a unique blood orange color, so I stuck with some faithful neutrals to keep things moderate. Next, I grabbed a fitted top and a cardi to go with it and this turned out better than I thought. I'm often pleased with the looks I come up with when I'm pressed for time. But then again, who likes being rushed?

Top: American Apparel | Skirt: Finders Keepers via Boutique Dandelion | Cardigan: Free People | Boots: Zara | Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff

Photos by Ryan Chua

xo, victoria