Oh My Love Velvet Cutout Mock Neck Jumpsuit

While on the hunt for a standout NYE outfit, I came across this orange jumpsuit and it was calling my name. A glorious combination of all my favorite things. A choker clasp, a keyhole neckline, and wide leg pants together coexisiting as a symbol of perfection. Instant gratification, done and done. It reminded me of my love for textures, especially the fancy feel of velvet, and velvet is so hot right now. 

When it came down to picking the right shoes, the cropped wide-leg pants caused a bit of bewilderment. I went with tall black boots for a 70's feel, that being a tight silhouette to juxtapose the wide pant leg. I added a bodychain for the love of subtleties. 

If I know anything about makeup, it's that deep purples and oranges go together like peanut butter and jelly. The orange jumpsuit was begging for a bold lip to compete with its reverie. Naturally, I went with the sold-out "Blood 2" by Pat McGrath, the lip color that graced the lips of DKNY models last summer for Fashion Week. I was lucky to get my hands on one of the last pieces, packaged in her signature foil bag stuffed with handfuls of sequins. 

Captured by Leon Tong

Jumpsuit: "Oh My Love Velvet Cutout Mock Neck Jumpsuit" from Urban Outfitters

Ninja Assassin

I was perusing through new arrivals on Forever 21 when saw this sweater, and stopped in my tracks. When I see a unique piece, my eyes lock. And for that fleeting moment, I'm in the zone. My mind quickly scans through styling ideas, then onto suitable occasions to wear it. A hoodie, oversized, with shoulder cut-outs? Dead.

Tunic-lengths call for thigh high boots to close the disparity between too-much-skin and too-much-fabric. I was feeling extra sassy, so I smeared on a dark lip. The same dark lip worn on the runway during the DKNY show last season. And now this look is reminiscent of Rihanna during the Diamonds World Tour aka the "Unapologetic" Riri. Ironically, the hoodie resembles a killer look styled by Rihanna's former rival, Karrueche (I posted photos below for reference).

My friend saw this photo of me on Forever 21's website, and I had no idea! Shout out to people who support and respect your hustle. @am1028, I'm looking at you!

Hoodie: Forever 21 "Open-Shoulder Hoodie"

Boots: Public Desire "Janine"

Lips: "Blood 2" by Pat McGrath

Captured by my awesome friend: Jared Veloria

xo, victoria