French Feelings

So, I'm finally settled into my new place in San Francisco. After many trips to the grocery store and even more trips to Target, this stripped down home is starting to feel full. Full in a warm and cozy nature. Due to accessibility of awesome activities, I must admit I have been sidetracked. But after the lights come on and the friends have gone, I was left with an impulse to create. Whether it's photography, a video or writing this blog post, it feels good when I'm doing it. And a little sad when I'm not. So I hit up Ryan Chua to shoot. So excited that I was able to nab a shoot before he moves to LA the following week. I was the first of five shoots he had lined up for the weekend. #blessed.

Now let's talk about style, shall we? Bodysuits and chokers have been my jam. They're pretty much a sure shot, no matter what the occasion. A black choker instantly polishes an outfit (I have several in various widths). The choker and bodysuit are both from Free People.

OH. Let's not forget about these jeans. Urban Outfitter's beloved BDG label just released a new cut for their denim. The Girlfriend Jean. How clever is that? Maybe I don't want a relaxed Boyfriend Fit today (although those are key players in my repertoire), the Girlfriend Jean is a high waisted, fitted take on the Mom Jean. LOL these names. Anyway, they are a great cross breed of a true raw denim and a stretchy pair of jeans. To die for. `

It's good to be back. Thanks for stopping by!

Shot by |  Ryan Chua

Suede Choker | Free People Daisy Jane Suede Choker

Bodysuit: https: | Free People Move Along Bodysuit

Jeans | Urban Outfitters BDG Girlfriend Jean

Shoes | Steve Madden Stecy Heel

Backpack | Rebecca Minkoff Julian Medium

xo, victoria

(Rack) City Chick

Hey guys! Quick post today. I love how the turtleneck is back! (Who would've thought?) Pair a turtleneck tunic with thigh high boots for a cozy, feminine look. 

Another item making a resurgence is the backpack. Remember those tiny black leather backpacks in the 90's? Anyway, I was on the market for a good backpack and I searched high and low. It's cool and casual--one of my favorite looks!

Until next time. Have an awesome weekend, friends!

Sweater: Free People | Boots: "Janine" by Public Desire | Backpack: "Julian" by Rebecca Minkoff

xo, victoria

Public Desire

Why wear tall boots when you can opt for over-the-knee? Though undeniably sexy, do proceed with caution. I like to wear these boots with a long sleeve tunic, dress or skirt--emphasis on the long sleeves to neutralize the attention down below. I recently wore them with black jeggings, a curved hem tunic and a skinny scarf (I wish I took an OOTD photo, but check my IG for that look real soon!). 

These faux suede babies are called "Janine" by Public Desire. PD offers an assortment of over-the-knee boots, though I found Janine's footbed and heel height to be most flattering without being sky-high. They run true to size, but if you're in between sizes, I suggest sizing down. I'm wearing my skater dress from LA's eco-friendly Groceries Apparel and textured crew neck sweater by The Fifth label. Shop these boots in the link down below!

Shout out to Alex Rios for his vision. One of my favorite shoots to date!

Boots: "Janine" by Public Desire | Sweater: The Fifth Label via ifchic | Dress: Groceries Apparel | Necklaces: Forever 21 | Backpack: "Julian" by Rebecca Minkoff (hurry now for 15% off!)

xo, victoria


If you haven't heard of HLZBLZ, I'd be honored to give you an introduction. Known for their creative spin on classic sportswear silhouettes, it is their commitment to design which sets them apart from other streetwear brands. 

With designs done so well, HLZBLZ can be worn while pumping iron at the gym or looking like a "model off duty" running errands around the city. Either way, HLZBLZ is the epitome of "effortlessly cool." Needless to say, they're one of my favorite streetwear brands. 

The market is over-saturated with streetwear brands who embody the same design concepts (mesh sportswear jerseys, monochrome collections) but it is HLZBLZ impeccable commitment to their brand image and design that keeps them rising to the top. Even the Queen Bey herself was spotted in an original HLZBLZ set (seen here).

I'm thrilled to have modeled for one of my favorite brands, and it was so much fun shooting with Marco Alexander, as brilliant as he is. As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

HLZBLZ top and hoodie 

Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff "Julian"

Photos by: Marco Alexander