Just touched down in London town!

How cute is my new carry-on?

Birthday flutes!

Currently addicted to lamb curry! This one's from Dishoom's bombay-styled cafe.


Our dreadful stay at Premier Inn. We only planned to be in London for a few hours, but thanks to a freak accident, we missed our flight out of Stansted, and had to stay overnight. No big deal, right? So, we booked a room at some hotel closest to the airport. Feast your eyes on our glamorous digs! Fully equipped with handicap railings, and a toilet inside of your shower! *cries* 

I took the pull out couch. And when I reached for the cushion, it just fell on the floor. Because it was not a pull out couch, it was just a couch. 

It looked like a scene in a horror movie where the characters are unaware of their imminent death. It was no coincidence that my cousin and I both had very vivid dreams; she dreamt she was a jewelry thief on the run. I dreamt I was escaping death for knowing too much. Something we could laugh about later, now let's blow this popsicle stand! Off to Berlin.

xo, victoria