A Night in Athens

Hello, Greece! Look at that coastline!

Gorgeous views atop the Stanley Hotel

Feasting at Ama Lachei at Nefeli's--came back here a couple times!!

Grilled octopus over hummus--so succulent! I might have a new favorite dish.

We had greek salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their produce in Athens is lush and unreal! Rich tomatoes, giant capers and feta like you wouldn't believe! The restaurant cooks vegetables grown from their own garden and feta from their goat's milk! Best feta we had the whole trip.


Getting dropped off at our Airbnb, and the first thing I see is these three blasting music, dancing and enjoying life.


Athens is quite run-down, but the streets and buildings are charming in it's own right.

It was 10:30pm and the shopping malls were closed, but I needed a hardshell suitcase! I had the  last minute idea of bringing authentic greek olive oil and wine back for my family and friends. My taxi driver took me around, and in less than 5 minutes, we found a liquor store that sold suitcases! How perfectly random is that?!

Next stop, the corner store to stash some olive oil and wine for the reserves. The kind owner helped me package the bottles in newspaper for my flight!

View from our balcony.